Who Wears Denim Best? Check Out The Obamas in Their Blues

Don’t you just miss the Obamas?!!! Well, I know I do. With all the political drama (nonsense) happening, I decided to go back in time, to a happier place, and gather a few of the Obamas top denim looks. I think they are, by far, the best looking and most stylish First Family we’ve had in the White House to date.

Let’s start with the beautiful Michelle Obama. My girl has been rockin’ denim the right way for years! This photo is from her college days at Princeton University in the early 80s. Double denim looks are not new ladies and gents. I know I definitely doubled down in some denim as a child.

Now let’s fast-forward. Look at this lady rocking a metallic black pair of skinny jeans at the Nickelodeon’s Kiddies Choice Awards. I know Sasha and Malia were thinking, “Yeah, our mom is hot!”

You too can wear a metallic skinny jean from Mango or if you are a baller, a $970 pair from Selfridges.

Now, on to our charming President Obama, who has not always had the best casual fashion reviews LOL. He’s been teased on many websites for wearing dad jeans/mom jeans. Even though mom jeans are now very cool for women to wear, I doubt they will ever be cool for men to wear. Well, one can only hope.

Say what you want about President Obama in a pair of jeans. I know we can all agree that he definitely knows how to wear a suit! Imaright?

Despite his past casual fashion attempts, I think Pres. O is going to be surprising us more with his new civilian style choices in the days to come. I’m loving this entire look on him! Check him out in his brown leather jacket, open chambray shirt, and dark wash, slim bootcut jeans while visiting the National Gallery of Art. But, wait, he didn’t stop there. He accessorized the look with sunglasses, brown shoes, and a matching brown belt. This guy looks like he just stepped out of a Burberry ad! Nice job; I wonder if Mrs. Obama picked out those jeans?

Now, we can’t forget about our lovely little ladies, Malia and Sasha.

It’s so amazing to see how they’ve grown from girls into these gorgeous young women! And each with their own sense of style. Let’s take a look at a few of their denim pieces.

Sasha in a medium wash mini denim skirt and cream sweater.

Malia: “You know that’s my denim mini skirt; now, everybody is going to think it’s really yours!”

Sasha: “Yeah, I know LOL, I love this skirt on me.”

Forever 21 $15.90 Nasty Gal $40 American Apparel $48



Loving Sasha in her white distressed jeans and cream off the shoulder top.

Malia: “We do look really cute in our creams and whites, I must say”

Sasha “Couldn’t agree more sis!”

H&M $25 and Forever 21 $23


Malia is giving us fierce, foxy and fabulous in her denim circle skirt!

Malia: “Yes, I’m killin’ it in my denim circle skirt! Take. My. Picture!”

Tons of American Apparel denim circle skirts sold on Poshmark


Aww, Daddy’s girls! Sky blue stretch denim and an acid wash jeans.

Sasha: “Look, they’re showing you in the dad jeans again, LOL”

Pres. Obama: “I think I look pretty good in those jeans”

Malia: “You look like a dad in those jeans”


How cute are these denim dresses!

Dad: “You two look adorable in these dress”

Malia: “Daaad, we’re not going for ‘adorable’, but thanks anyway”

Dad: “Too bad, nailed it”

Malia in a two-tone flirty high waist dress and Sasha in a tailored embroidered dress. You can also have a Tory Burch dress like Sasha for $227.50 or one from Alice + Olivia for $485

Malia rocking a a pair of light wash mom jeans!

Malia: “I can’t wait to move away and go to college”

Dad: “You’re pretty excited, huh?”

Malia: “Yeah, boys, parties, and boys, staying out late, having fun, freedom, and boys…”


Now, what can we learn from our former President?

When you’ve nailed a look, just repeat it! I’ve been doing this for years LOL

Aww, I miss the Obamas in the White House but I am glad they get to live a somewhat normal life now and I am excited to see what each of them does next!!!


  1. Great review and a great family!! I agree with you, I think former Mr. Prez’ casual style will be more appealing now that he’s out of office. Oh and I love the outfit Ms. O wore at the Nickelodean event. And the girls are always lovely!! Thanks for the review and reminder of the wonderful family!

  2. Oh this is such a lovely roundup! I love love love all their looks. Especially that latest picture of Obama rocking the off-duty casual look, hadn’t seen it yet. Definitely qualifies as someone who stepped off a Burburry ad! Love it!


  3. I’m not even American and I miss the Obamas! lol! The whole family has so much class and style. I love the denim looks. Can we just go back in time please?! If you guys don’t want them anymore you can send them up here to Canada! lol! 😀

  4. I miss them Oh So Much!! I love Michelle and how she can take classic and make it timeless and then turn up with something funky and rock it just the same!! The Obamas are definitely Historical AND Style Icons!!

  5. Oh how I miss that family too! You’re right, Pres. Obama has always rocked the suit, but I was surprised when I saw some pics of him looking super snazzy in casual attire recently. It’s a good look!