Turning Paper into Fabric with Collage

There is something so relaxing about creating a collage. I love cutting up pieces of paper and arranging them to make something totally different and beautiful. I will collage anything!
Below is an old pic of my freshman college dorm room door. That “freshman 15” weight gain was real for me as you can see from my “artwork”.  (Sorry folks, this is a very old pic, taken with a disposable camera in a badly lit college dorm hallway. I’m truly showing my age with this photo.)CollageDon’t judge – I’ll admit that I ate most of those snacks, but some of those wrappers were contributions from my roommate. I was the weirdo saying, “Hey wait, I’ll take your empty Caprisun box; I need it!” LOL. So many random people knocked on my door just to meet the snack monster who saved trash and then taped it to a door. Shout out to Temple University!

My present day collages are a little bit fancier. I have tons of magazines: Teen Vogue, Vogue, Glamour, In Style… so many that I could never read them all even if I tried. So I make a ton of collages, more frequently than I would like to admit. I have collaged photo albums, a briefcase, tables – you name it! And then I thought, how can I get a collage on a jacket? I need to turn paper into fabric. And my internet search began.

Turning Paper into Fabric with Collage:

Below is a collage I made using cut out images from fashion magazines. I used a canvas paper called Sticky-Back Canvas by Ranger to transfer the image. I purchased my pack of 5 sheets from Hobby Lobby for $10, but you can also buy them on Amazon.

Click this link to see the video I used to learn how to do my paper to canvas transfer.


Collage Collage Collage Collage



  1. It’s so cool to see your journey to denim. Dare I say that even in college, it looks like you had an eye for color, texture, patterns and reusable material. Looking fwd to more posts, denim queen. Love it!

  2. That’s so interesting that you can transfer paper images to a canvas like that! I was really into collages in high school and college too and had these crazy elaborate collage doors as well – glad to know I wasn’t the only one! 😀