Top Seven Spots for a Cool Photo Shoot in Downtown Fayetteville, NC

The 1987 Poe House
On tour with the ladies at The Poe House

Attention Bloggers, YouTubers, models, photographers, tourist and folks who just love taking unforgettable pictures! Downtown Fayetteville, NC at first glance looks like a quaint town with history written on every storefront, but there is more to the city behind the entranceways and over the rooftops. There are hidden places in plain sight waiting for you to visit and “pose for the camera” in front of. Trust me, your pictures will have people trying to find the spot you used! I was able to find several, but I will share the top seven that I discovered on the #SoFAY17 Bloggers Tour. I am still basking in the afterglow of being chosen as an influencer for the #SoFAY17 Bloggers Tour with media agency SoFluential and the Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Bureau. Keep reading as I share what caught my eye and imagination. I took note of all the great spots and headed back downtown after the tour to take more pictures. We all want nice pictures for our Instagram, so these locations may be perfect. If you’re making a special effort to visit these locations, you’ll want more people to appreciate these photographs. If you would like more people to see your photos and potentially start your own influencing career, you might want to get more instagram followers online. This can give you some followers, ensuring that these photos don’t go to waste. As your followers begin to increase, you’re more likely to experience better growth and engagement on your pictures too! So what are you waiting for? Head to these locations now!

I’ve been waiting to put this on a blog post:

(Ahem) Blog Disclosure: I partnered with the Fayetteville Convention and Visitors Bureau to write this post. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the FCVB.
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Let’s get started on the top seven spots to have a photoshoot in Downtown Fayetteville NC

  1. Our journeys began after a scrumptious breakfast at Rainbow Restaurant, where we started our boutique tour downtown. First stop, White Trash & Colorful Accessories located at 223 Franklin Street, Fay NC 28301. The sidewall to the shop is covered by an amazing gate of locks on a brick wall. Maybe we had a 20-minute photoshoot with 4 cameras and six cell phones and maybe it was 30 minutes, haha! There’s always time for a photo shoot, right? I just had to go back and lock down my love for Fayetteville. White Trash & Colorful Accessories is a small shop with a big bang. The store is filled wall-to-wall with home furnishings, vintage finds, a local artist created jewelry and home accents, hilarious greeting cards, fabulous and feminine inspired handbags & totes, and so much more! It’s a perfect place to shop for gifts or just something really cute for yourself.

    Gate of Locks in Fayetteville
    On the #SoFay17 Blogger Tour with the ladies!


Locking down More Better Blues!

More Better Blues LockGate of Locks

  1. We then headed over to Cotton River Outfitters located at 116 E Russell St, Fayetteville, NC 28301. If you are dedicated, daring and determined (like I am), you can get a great shot crossing the street in front of the store. I love the long lines and the symmetry of the city’s train tracks leading to the businesses down the street. Cotton River Outfitters is another great place to shop for gifts. They have really nice clothing and accessories that show southern living pride.
Outside of Cotton River Outfitters
Outside of Cotton River Outfitters
Outside of Cotton River Outfitters
Outside of Cotton River Outfitters
 Cotton River Outfitters
The Front of Cotton River Outfitters

I need this shirt from Cotton River Outfitters!

  1. Pressed boutique located at 120 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301 is next on the list. If you stand just outside of the store and shoot diagonally you will get a beautiful shot of the brick sidewalk, the flowers next door, street lamps and the tree lined street. It’s a great capture of Fayetteville’s charming downtown. After taking your photo, head inside of Pressed and get a cool “Fayetteville” tank or t-shirt like I did. Oh, and a very delicious Locopop; my favorite flavor is the mojito.

    Fayetteville Tank
    Picking out my tank and eating my mojito LocoPop
Pressed Boutique
Posing in front of Pressed Boutique

Outside of Pressed Boutique


4. Next on the list is the 1897 Poe House. Now, if you are a Beyoncé fan like I am, you can get your entire “Lemonade life” right on the porch of the Poe House. What a beautiful home! There are so many places to shoot on this porch and the inside of the house is just as gorgeous. Many items in the home are artifacts so you feel like you are in the year of 1897. The Poe House is the home of Edgar Allen Poe, a successful businessman, politician, and civic leader; not to be confused with the well-known American author Edgar Allen Poe. To avoid a name mixup, the Fayetteville native is generally referenced as “E. A.” in the local area and the historic house museum is known simply as Poe House.



The 1987 Poe House
Posing with the ladies at the Poe House

And when you’re done embodying Beyoncé in front of the house, head to the backyard garden and strike a stunning pose in the amazing garden filled with flowers and trees.

EA Pope Garden EA Poe Garden EA Poe Garden

AE Poe House Garden

  1. If you’re lucky and get to be on the next tour with SoFluential and the CBV, you may get a chance to climb to the top of the Fayetteville Market House to see all of downtown. You need special permission to have access to the upstairs so, yes, I’m bragging, haha! #BucketListCheckThe Market House in Fayetteville NC
  2. The last place we went on the #SoFay17 tour was Wine and Design, the perfect spot for relaxing while painting and drinking wine in a creative space that’s soothing and inviting. After you’ve created your masterpiece, don’t miss out on the hidden gem right next door. For now, it’s an area under construction in all of its gloriousness of abandonment and rubble. Look at this spot; I can just see myself twirling in a black ball gown over all the rocks and broken glass! I would do almost anything for a beautiful shot 🙂Construction Site Site under construction Site under construction
    Wine and Design Wine and Design in Fayetteville
  3. You know what they say, “when one door closes,…” take a picture in front of it! Check out all the color doors downtown:
    Orange Door
    The door of White Trash at 223 Frankin Street


    Pink Door
    Showin’ Love Beauty Salon at 227 Franklin Street

    Red Door
    Arts Council of Fayetteville at 301 Hay Street


Special thanks to Krystel Spell and Angela Roy of SoFluential and Melody Foote, Director of Communications for the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for hosting and planning such an amazing tour of Fayetteville. I had a great time eating delicious food, shopping at the best boutiques, getting a workout at The Climbing Place and hanging out with an amazing group of bloggers.





  1. Thanks so much for the kind words (and beautiful shots)! It was a real treat to have your group spend time with us, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves.

    We’re proud of what our Downtown has become – and is still becoming – and always appreciate it when others help us get the good word out.

    And as much as we love our Downtown, gotta say that you’re a brave soul, indeed, to take the time for a photo shoot on Russell Street!

    • Awe thanks, Sam! It was a pleasure 🙂 I love downtown Fayetteville!
      And the Russell Street shots weren’t easy LOL but well worth the risk

  2. Ah! I’m loving these locations. I haven’t been to Fayetteville in years. Truly didn’t know they had so many gorgeous places! By the way, LOVE your outfit!