My DIY Plaid Patch Denim Pants

If I had to pick a print to live in for the rest of my life, it would be plaid. Anybody and everybody can wear plaid. So, I just had to make a pair of plaid patch denim pants (just in case). I have at least seven plaid print tops in my closet; I live in flannel plaid shirts all throughout the fall and winter. It’s an easy, comfortable print made up of different colors and a geometric design that it subtle and welcoming.


When did I discover the versatility of this pretty plaid?

If this print below looks familiar to you then you probably started loving plaid around the same time I did. Maybe 🙂

Cher Plaid Print

If you guessed that the character Cher in the film Clueless wore this print, then you are correct and we should be friends if we aren’t already! I’ve seen Clueless at least 20 times. I can quote lines from the movie and re-create many of the costumes on site at a thrift store. I love this movie so much; I had to do the Cher costume one year for Halloween.


Cher and Dionne Costume  Cher and Dionne


Such a good Halloween year! Above is a pic of me as Cher and my BFFs as Dionne. We killed that year at parties! As you can see, we nailed our costumes!


So of course, when I saw these plaid patch jeans all over the blogs and Pinterest, I immediately ran to Michaels and Jo Anne fabrics to get supplies and a few prints.


Patch Plaid Pants Plaid Patch Pants Plaid Patch Pants

This DIY is so easy to make and you can use any prints you like and love. I even added a navy and white polka-dot print to break up some of my plaids. The key to making these pants is to use a few large cutout pieces but add in smaller denim cutouts on top to bring the prints and solids together. I tried to make my pants look layered but cohesive and neat.  Confession, I did have to rearrange a few squares and that meant ripping off a few pieces and re-gluing. Easier said than done with the permanent fabric glue I used, LOL.

DIY Plaid Patch Pants DIY Plaid Patch Pants DIY Plaid Patch Pants DIY Plaid Patch Pants DIY Plaid Patch Pants


Here are the items I used to make my DIY plaid patch pants:

  1. A pair of jeans purchased from the thrift store for $4 bucks 🙂
  2. Squares of mixed plaid prints purchased from Jo Anne Fabrics
  3. Squares of mixed denim pieces that I had in my fabric scrap bin
  4. Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Fusion purchased from Michaels craft store





This DIY is pretty easy and self-explanatory!

  1. Cut out fabric pieces. Use different size squares and rectangles shapes.
  2. Layer your pieces first. I suggest pinning the pieces down and then holding the pants up in the mirror. Patterns look different lying down flat than stand up with the body.
  3. Use a generous amount of fabric fusion to hold fabrics together. I pretty much coated my fabric patches with glue. I don’t want my pieces falling off in the wash.
  4. Set heavy objects on top of the fabrics after gluing. I used magazines and let my fabric dry overnight.
  5. Optional step: I wrapped a few of my patches from the front of the leg to the back of my pants. So, if you do this, repeat steps 3 & 4 on the back of your pants also.

Now rock your plaid patch denim pants!


  1. First thing first those dang halloween costumes were great. Now to those cute pants, i love that idea its a great way to add some character to your jeans