What Goes Well With Wearing Denim?

What goes well with wearing denim? Anything that contrasts and completes a timeless look! Some people say wearing a watch is unnecessary now since we depend on our smartphones for all information, but I disagree. Watches are like bracelets; they are decorations for the wrists that make a fashion statement about the wearer. You will find a number of beautiful watches at Jacobs The Jeweller. If you decide to order from there then you will enjoy free shipping on Jacobs The Jeweller. Rocking a wooden accessory that is both beautifully crafted and utilitarian defines an individual as being both trendy and intelligent.

For years, I’ve wanted a wooden watch! I looked on websites like WatchShopping to try and find my dream watch. What a dream come true to partner with JORD watches to show you guys how dope their watches are. They are chic, and do I dare say it, timeless. I’m loving my cool watch and it fits perfectly in my denim world. I am wearing a piece from the Fieldcrest series in Zebrawood and Maple.

I threw on my collage pearl denim jacket, a pair of Old Navy black jeans and my cute-go-to-thrifted cheetah print stiletto sandals with my JORD wooden watch. Check me out below! Denim and wood look good together, don’t you agree?

Shout out to my big bro who snapped a few pics of me in front of our family home in Washington, DC. This was our first time shooting together; I think we make a great team!

JORD Wooden Watch
Stopping and thinking
JORD Wooden Watch
Chill time!
JORD Wooden Watches
Wood on the wrist

Wanna rock a JORD Wooden Watch?

You, my blogger reading friend, can also have a JORD wooden watch on your wrist. Just enter here to win a $100 gift code towards a watch of your choice. Once on the site, just enter your name, email address, and choose a watch! The best part is everyone who enters will receive a $25 gift code towards a watch. Everybody wins!!!!! Check out the JORD timepieces choices for men’s watches and women’s watches and see which wood will look best on your wrist.

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  1. Wow! What an awesome blog. I love your denim inspired fashion, and love the way you’ve paired this outfit with your wooden watch. It really does look timeless and true fashion is nothing without a great accessory.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to more!

  2. I’ve seen these JORD watches all over! They’re so cute. I feel like you could class them up or dress them down and they’d still just fit somehow.

  3. I think this is such a cool and glam yet understated accessory piece – love particularly how it pairs with denim – I’ve not seen any wood based watch lines before so I’m definitely intrigued by this!

    • Right! JORD Wooden Watches are a great company and a dope concept!!! I don’t know of any other wooden watch companies.

  4. I am such a sucker for all-things wood. This watch is so stop – love it!!! The natural element brought to this piece is so beautiful. Simple, natural and pretty:) I actually need a new watch (haha)!

  5. Hi Breena, My selection for a nice watch? The Sawyer, Ebony Ultramarine. Marveolus! Yes, I believe this is a great watch for me. Thank you soon much!

  6. Love your ideas. I have a denim shirt that is in my closet and I never wear it just because I do not know how to combine it with other clothes or accessories.

    • Oh you have to rock it this spring! Throw on a tank and a blazer! I can’t wait until the warm weather hits. Stay tuned, denim skirts are up next on the blog 🙂

  7. Let’s be clear. Statement pieces have always been in…and this watch is definitely a statement piece! The gorg color and chic design can add a special touch to any outfit, especially all the hues of denim. Great choice and dope post.