Super Cute and Easy DIY Star Printed Boyfriend Jeans

 I don’t know why it has taken me so long to DIY these super cute and easy star printed jeans, but I finally got around to it. I’ve been seeing these cuties everywhere for the longest and now it’s my turn to rock them. 


Current/Elliot $66                                  Stella McCartney $495

Tommy Hilfiger $166

So, in my socially-conscious-fashion manner, I re-cycled a pair of jeans I already owned. I love my H&M boyfriend jeans. I’ve had them for years but it was time to give them a new look! 

Before pic 

After pic



These star printed pants were so easy to make! I started off using a silver shimmer fabric spray paint, however, the denim was too light to show the color.  I then used a white fabric marker to color in the stars. The fabric marker dries on the fabric within minutes and was super easy to use. 

Here are all the items I used below which you can purchase from you local craft stores. I purchased my items from Michaels and of course, used coupons! 


  • Star image to trace. You can google and print images from online 
  • Scissors 
  • Card stock paper 
  • Masking tape 
  • Fabric spray paint. I used Silver Shimmer by Tulip
  • Fabric marker. I used DecoFabric in white

The next step to my star printed pants will be this transformation, so stay tuned!!


    • Yes, I am wondering that also. I don’t mind if the stars fade a little. I used fabric paint so it shouldn’t completely come off. I guess we will see 🙂

  1. Your jeans are super cute!! Your right, they are super easy to make, I going to be looking for a pair of jeans to transform myself. Thanks for the flipagram, loving the blue sandal pairing also!