Till Death…



That’s right, read my shirt, DIY Till I Die!

I remember making Barbie clothes at the age of six with pieces of felt and rubber bands. My Barbie lived in sleeveless felt tube dresses of all colors and lengths (easiest one minute dress I’ve ever made). Now, my house has a room that can double as a mini Hobby Lobby and Home Depot. You need a power drill? I have two; would you like the Black & Decker or DeWalt brand? Need a gift for a friend? No problem, I have a huge Rubbermaid bin filled with white t shirts and a folder of iron on letters ready to go. Let’s do it!

I love making things for myself and for friends. Even if the cost turns out to be the same as buying an item, it’s the feeling of creating something that floats my boat. The way I see it is, why buy it if you can make it?! Sometimes I see outrageously priced clothing and accessories and I think, “Super cute, I will make it and put my own twist on it for half the price.” *hair flip*

I made two of the shirts below using iron on letters and cropped American Apparel shirts. (Shout out to American Apparel, I’m so going to miss this brand!) I gave one shirt to a best friend (who is also a crafty genius) as a birthday present and kept one for myself.  I threw on a high-waisted pant, sucked in my gut and thought skinny thoughts as my photographer made magic.


DIY                  DIY                DIY


Any fellow DIYers out there? Do you have any favorite DIY catchphrases or cool DIY sites to follow? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Wow!! I loved the thought of creating something for special ones. And second you for this feeling when we make anything for someone . I have recently created something similar like this. This is a very useful post please keep sharing!!

  2. I love the look of your shirt! I am not a DIY person, although I really wish I was and I so admire anyone who grew up making clothes for their Barbies, that is awesome.

  3. Am a DIYer too! I love doing it and I eat DIY on breakfast 🙂 It was so great to do things and more motivated when my friends like it.

  4. Passion starts somewhere and usually as a hobby. My daughter just started making doll clothes for her Barbie’s with material from clothes she has outgrown. Who knows, maybe she will be a fashion designer when she gets older.

  5. I love what did you did with this top! Simple, chic, and one of a kind 🙂 You make me want to create something cute for me and mini-me to wear.