How to DIY Denim Removable Epaulettes

Removable Epaulettes

Hey y’all and hey (hot) fall!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I like to have my options when it comes to denim. I like to be able to switch up my look easily, hence my last DIY of convertible tuxedo style pants. This week, it’s all about the denim jacket, more so, about the shoulders on the denim jacket. Check out my removable epaulettes below! That’s right, you can change the look of your shoulders within seconds and add a different look to your denim jacket.

I love epaulettes; they add so much definition and structure to a jacket. Here are a few styles I love from online.

Epaulettes and chains Epaulettes and spikes Epaulettes and tassels zipper epaulette


My epaulettes were easy to make if you have a little time to dedicate to the project. I am currently binge watching Game of Thrones, so I craft, yell and cover my eyes from the television for hours, haha!  I got a little fancy with this DIY and used my sewing machine, *dust my shoulders off with pride*. Oh, but how I still do love the easy way of glue gunning everything.

Spikes and trim epaulette Tassel epaulette Denim tassel epaulette Spikes and trim epaulettes

Check out my video to see how I made my epaulettes. Fall is here and jean jackets are in full fashion swing!

What will you add to your jean jacket this fall?