The Right Denim Pieces to Wear to Work in the Summer

Summer is still here and it is HOT! The great thing is there are tons of office-friendly lightweight denim pieces you can now wear Monday through Friday to work. Despite what some office dress codes might say, the main purpose of jeans is to wear them to work! Since the 1800’s farmers and miners wore denim jeans to work. Back in the day, if you worked with your hands in a factory or in the field you wore denim jeans. Now, times are a-changing! Many offices are now allowing their employees to wear denim in the workplace. Some offices even support and promote a more relaxed corporate culture and this isn’t just with what you wear to work, but a lot of offices are now going away from the grey walls and boring office areas, and are making the most out of modern office furniture design to make the office feel like a relaxed place – which actually can help with productivity!

Wearing denim to work

Depending on where you work, I personally would wait to wear distressed jeans with holes and tears until you see your supervisor wear a pair first. You definitely want to get a feel for the company cultural before making your own fashion statement. However, if you decide to wear denim jeans to work, choose a dark rinse or a black denim jean to be on the safe side of work fashion decorum. As for the jean style, I would recommend a cropped skinny, a boot cut, or maybe even a high waisted jean.

How to wear denim jeans in the workplace and still look professional?

Glad you asked ๐Ÿ™‚ If your 9-5 has a business professional dress code, which allows denim to be worn, you still need to dress those jeans up, girl. Jeans are automatically casual wear which is ok for a casual day at the office but make sure your outfit shows that you’re trying to still look dressy and professional.

Here are a few denim business professional looks for work

  • Jeans with a blazer or cardigan give a comfortable and relaxed look while saying “I’m dressing up here.” Wearing a plain cotton white shirt or animal print under or a blazer is also very cute.
  • Jeans with button up solid blouse can be a cute dressy look also. Still relaxed but very professional at the same time.
  • You can’t lose with a denim dress. I would say, stay on the safe side and go knee, midi or ankle length. And then dress up your dress by adding a blazer or cardigan to make it more business professional.
  • Go for it! Wear the knee length denim skirt to work; it’s appropriate. Add a cute blouse and a long blazer.

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  1. I love that we as a society have gotten to a place where denim is ok to wear to work! I seriously Love it and love your tips.

  2. Such great looks and so many options for work and outside of work. I love it. I’m returning to office work after 7 years of being on the road and I look forward to these types of options.

  3. I love demin done right and work place demin tends to do that. I love all the examples you’ve shared, especially the white jeans. I work from home and I love my dress code (yoga gear all day long!)

  4. I’ve always wanted a pair of white denim jeans but have never been game enough to buy them – the time has come! Love the top in the first picture too

  5. I love your options! Although denim for me is something I really avoid in the summer, unless it’s denim shorts or culottes! I prefer linen and light cotton options too. But thanks for sharing your ideas!

  6. I think most offices still don’t allow denim. But, when you work for yourself, I think it is totally possible to wear denim and look professional. It’s just all how you do it!

  7. Wearing denim to work is awesome and it’s really one of my fave fabrics. I like that you shared this guide, it’s not really what you’d consider as an office attire, so I appreciate you giving us tips on how to make it work!

  8. The workplace has gotten more causal over the years, too causal in some places. I definitely think you have to err on the side of caution with your denim choices if you aren’t sure whether distressed denim or other types of denim are allowed.

  9. I wish I could wear denim to work. I did wear white jeans under a tunic dress once but that’s about as daring as it goes! I could possibly wear a denim dress though I love the one you show here!

  10. I agree with you on these tips. I would say that there are some offices that are still not open minded. I have a denim dress that I often wear to court meetings, but due to the material, you would not associate it with denim that much.

    Thrifting Diva

  11. As a teacher, my school don’t allow denim to be worn to work. However like your post points out you can make denim look smart. I would love to be able to wear it to work.

  12. These are such cute looks! I kind of love the fact that denim skirts are coming back in style. I’ll have to purchase one soon!