How to Turn a Denim Jacket into a Purse in 8 Steps

I love turning one piece of clothing into another item! It’s one of my favorite things to do.   My obsession started in college (some odd years ago) and since then I’ve made at least 4 denim bags in my lifetime. Well “made” using a glue gun and hand stitching LOL. Behold, my 5th denim purse made from a denim jacket below!I’ve been eyeing and drooling over these Moschino Biker Jacket Shoulder bags and then shrieking once seeing the $1,800 price tag.




So, until I hit the lottery and I have enough to splurge $1,800 on a bag, I will just make one *flips hair.*


Here are the steps I took to turn a 2T jean jacket into a purse:

  1. Cut off jacket sleeves.
  2. Turn jacket inside out, draw a vertical stitch line from shoulder to bottom and sew up sleeve openings.
  3. Turn jacket back on right side and fold to desired purse size.
  4. Whipstitch the sides of the purse close by hand. Here’s a video on how to do a whipstitch.
  5.  Sew on snaps (where you need them).
  6. Hammer in grommets.
  7. Add chain through grommets for a purse handle.
  8. Add patches and/or pins.

Video of pics

I wanna try this bookbag next! The search for a toddler black leather moto jacket begins!