How to Style a Denim Dress in the Winter

Denim Dress

Part II of the Clueless Capsule Thrifted Collection

Denim is a fabric you can wear in every season; that’s why I love it so much! But how do you wear a denim dress in the winter? Here’s how: add layers under and over that bad boy! It’s all about the layers

I shop in every section of the thrift store. This is an XS shirt that was stashed in the little girl’s section. I needed a pink plaid shirt so what better place to shop but the girl’s section. Sometimes I can find two or three shirts I can squeeze fit into 🙂

Let’s talk about this denim dress; what a gem! This can be worn year round, with long sleeves, short sleeves, and/or tank. I finished the look off with a denim jacket, of course! And added removable snap on-and-off faux sleeve cuffs; a trendy look for this season.

Denim "Whatever!" Jacket Denim Jacket Denim Jacket Denim dress Denim Dress



Thrifted Items

Denim Dress: SOLD

Denim Jacket $30

Shirt $8

Faux Fur Hat $7

More denim jackets with fur cuffs!

Denim and Fur Cuff Denim and Fur Cuff