“Clueless” Style After Age 30

Plaid Dress

Part I of the Clueless Capsule Thrifted Collection

Who doesn’t love a black and white plaid print? This button front dress is for the 30-something-year-old “Cher” going to her job as the editor of a popular fashion magazine in the fall. I wanted to make this look mature and dressy yet stylish. I added a floral turtleneck top and faux pearls to dress the look up a little. Lastly, I balanced the look with a denim jacket. I just love this dress, and the pleated bottom is so freakin’ cute!

Jean Jacket Black and White Plaid Dress


Thrifted Items

Dress $15 on the shop page

Turtleneck: no label, thrifted for $3.50

Denim Jacket $25 on the shop page

Inspiration: Dressy plaid blazer and mini skirt looks

Plaid Clueless