Four Things I Wear for an Easy Thrifting Experience

To all of my thrifters out there, what’s the deal with thrift store dressing rooms? Why are they so make-shift and raggedy sometimes? Or, kinda filthy to the point of bringing a mat being sold into the dressing room to stand your bare feet on? Now, I’m not talking about cool swanky consignment shops like Beacons Closet and Buffalo Exchange. This concern goes to the thriftiest of thrift shops. I don’t want to name names, but some (not all) establishments have no “good will” or “salvation” when is comes to neat and clean dressing room stalls. Over the years, I’ve come up with ways to deal with messy stalls, or if I can, avoiding them entirely. Here are my best thrifting tips to make your life a little easier (and make thrifting a little less awkward!).

To solve the problem of thrift shop dressing rooms, I put on a full “under armor” to prepare for a day of thrifting. Here’s how I get ready to thrift and avoid dressing rooms altogether.

My Best Thrifting Tips:

  1. Wear a tank or a form-fitted short sleeve top. Tanks are perfect to have on under your shirt so you can try on clothes right in the aisle. Now, I’m not one to be easily grossed out, so I don’t mind trying on a shirt that’s been worn by someone else before washing it. I mean, do we really even know how many times we’ve tried on and purchased an item of clothing from H&M that has already been worn once at a wedding? (guilty)
  2. Wear leggings or tights. Now you can slip those jeans right on without having to wait in line for a dirty changing stall! You might have to wiggle and hop just a little, but that’s when you know they’re the right fit. If you can’t get them past the thigh, that’s okay. Hang those bad boys back up and keep it moving. No love or time lost there!
  3. I wear a cross-body bag or go extra hands-free and wear a cool fanny pack. I have a really hot, red leather silver studded fanny pack from Top Shop that’s so freaking cute! The point is to have those hands free. Come on people, this is war! You have to get to that one of a kind piece fast, try it on and make tough decisions at the register. It’s not a game, especially on discount days!
  4. I wear a sneaker. Have those feet ready to move, ladies and gents! For me, my sneakers are easy to remove and are super comfy for dashing up and down the aisles. You should probably wear a thin sock too if you are a germophobe and want to try on heels. I just go straight commando and stick my bare foot right on in, LOL. Do germophobes even shop at thrift stores?
  5. Lastly, don’t forget your Hand Sanitizer! Some stores might have a restroom, but again, dirty dressing room probably equals dirty bathroom, just sayin’. I travel with hand sanitizer because the layer of dust on my hands is unbearable at the end of my shopping trip. So I sanitize and lotion up after each store.

I believe the pushing and shoving (maybe that’s just me?) and the dusty clothing, along with taking off clothes and putting on clothes in an aisle in front of complete strangers, is all worth the hassle when you leave with one-of-a-kind pieces! Don’t you agree?

What are your Best Thrifting Tips? Have I left anything out? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love your tips. Particularly wear cross body bag, legging and bring hand sanitizer. Never thought of that at all. Thank you for sharing this very useful tips. Is that wedding dress? So gorgeous!! Wish you post it bigger so we can see it clearer. Awesome post as usual.

  2. for my thrifting tips, I always wear sleeveless tank top and leggings, and always bringing my eco-shopping bag for extra storage (sometimes stores will give you small bag and its hard to carry on). No jewelry, no makeup πŸ™‚

  3. I very much agree with all of your tips and specially like the name “under armour” because it is really an armour needed! πŸ™‚
    You pretty much have it all, I would add a bottle of water to survive the dry air and strong neon lights.

  4. I’ve found some great thrift store finds. I usually just pop in, but I probably need to get a little more organized about like you seemed to be! It’s a great thing if you don’t mind taking an extra look!

  5. I guess I don’t go into thrift stores often enough to think about this or when I do it’s usually not to try on clothes but I understand why you would come up with those ideas. I remember trying on thrift store clothes as a child and it was always sketchy in there.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love getting cut price clothes. I’m a sucker for Forever 21 + H&M though simple because thrifting [Charity shops here in the UK ;)] are always a bit hit and miss and I like to be able to grab something and know it fits etc. Xx

  7. OMG great tips for shopping PERIOD. I’ve been out several times and looked down at my outfit and just said nu-uh, i ain’t trying NONE of this stuff on today! Leggings and tanks are your best friend on shopping days. You make me want to go thrift shopping now that I’ve cleared out closet space….

    p.s. i love love the pictures on this post! The dress is everything, the location is super cool, and you executed the look hands down. Bravo!