6 Easy Steps to Making a Denim Grommet Choker


Chokers are back from the 90’s! I use to wear chokers in junior high school and now they are everywhere you look. I remember exactly when chokers became a part of my wardrobe.  It was right after seeing one of my favorite movies, Clueless. Chokers were in many of female character’s costume changes.




Now my favorite girls are rocking them in style! I love all of the different looks– pearls, ribbon, beads, velvet, chains– I would wear them all!


So since I love a good DIY project and a choker is so easy to make, I made a denim one for myself.  Below is the step by step video along with instructions and links.


  1. Pair of jeans
  2. Seam ripper
  3. Scissors
  4. Grommet kit
  5. Button or snap
  6. Hammer
  7. Leather hole puncher


  1. Cut the waistband off a pair of jeans
  2. Remove the belt loops with a seam ripper
  3. Measure and cut the waistband according to your neck size. Add about an inch to overlap the necklace and add a closure piece (step 6).
  4. Decide where you would like to place your grommets. I used a leather hole puncher to make holes in my denim. You can also cut the small holes out with a pair of scissors. Use a good sharp pair though because the holes will be fairly small for your grommets.
  5.  Follow the instructions on your kit and hammer grommets into the holes of your denim. You can purchase a grommet kit from a craft store like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and/or Jo Anne Fabrics
  6. Add a button or a snap to the back as a closure. And you are done!

Easy peasy right?!

Do any of you wear chokers? Have you DIYed a choker piece recently? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


  1. Lovely DIY! No need to throw away those excess but pretty band as you can still make a new life and use of it. 🙂 Ohh you can make a wrist band too 🙂